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Shang Hai ASD Limo Service Co.,Ltd

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    ASD Limo Service Co., Ltd as a specialist in providing automobile leasing services, is serving customers throughout China, including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing. We provide a wide selection of automobile models and leasing services. We offer well-tailored rental solutions for all customers.

    By learning from advanced leasing practice in developed overseas markets and capturing insights into China’s local customers, ASD Limo Service Co., Ltd provides a full range of professionalized services including automobile leasing, precise GPS system, around-the-clock roadside assistance and all other value-added services. Since its foundation, ASD Limo Service has maintained stable and rapid growth. Now we commit ourselves to providing business users with integrated automobile leasing services, including long-term leasing, short-term rental and customized leasing services。

    With our continuous efforts and innovation, ASD Limo Service has its professionalism, significant efficiency and reliability widely and highly acclaimed in the car industry. Now we have been chosen as a designated Limo Service service provider by a plenty of companies and organizations.


Fleet    We have more than 200 self-owned vehicles and 200 other partner vehicles, which include a variety of models ranging from basic to luxury. All vehicles have complete auto insurance. Most of the vehicles are provided with GPS to ensure safety for people and vehicles. The advanced software system is applied to manage the entire operation process. We have advanced vehicle scheduling and management system to help us keep track of the fleet, monitor driving safety, maintain the vehicles regularly, handle emergency incidents and provide for the logistics needs of various types of vehicles In case of emergency in the operating process, the emergency response plans will be started immediately.

Our Team

Our Team     The management team has years of industry experience The field service staff are experienced in servicing largescale events, providing organization and coordination skills and certain English proficiency Our drivers have safe driving experiences of no less than 5 years. All drivers are well trained in proactive driving techniques. The maintenance team provides superb repair skills, first-class service and strict repair processes and is responsible for inspection, repair, maintenance, 24-hour road incident assistance for all types of vehicles, ensuring a safe ride for each-vehicle.

Customer Services

Customer Services    Our experienced customer service staffs are good at communication and provide 24-hour service year-round in both Chinese and English for instant response to any of your requirements. Meanwhile, callbacks and customer satisfaction surveys are organized and customer feedbacks will be timely communicated within the company to improve service quality.

    We pay return visits to our customers on an irregular basis and ensure timely tracking of our service to understand the requirements and comments of each customer. Based on these comments, we constantly improve our service to make it even better as time goes on. We also provide value-added services for customers, including pick-up at airport with welcome board hold in hands.

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