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Short Term Rental / Long-Term Leasing

Short Term Rental

Short Term Rental

1.Daily Rental
2.Airport Transfer
3.Events and Conference Transport
4.Limousine rental
5.Wedding Transport
6.Shuttle Service

Short Term Rental

Vehicle Type

No Vehicle Type Seats Number
1 Buick GL8 7
2 Passat 5
3 Audi A6 5
4 Benz E Class 5
5 Buick Lacrosse 5
6 Honda Odyssey 7
7 Ford Transit 15
8 Benz minibus 15
9 Toyota coaster 20
10 Jinlong 33
11 Jinlong 53

Daily Rental

We provide vehicles for daily rental, weekly rental;

Airport Transfer

Automobiles are provided for pick-up or drop-off at airport. We will meet you or your guests at airport with a welcome board held in hands, and ensure a comfortable and relaxing transfer service before or after a long flight. 

Events and Conference Transport

We provide transport services for all kinds of meetings and conferences and events held in or around Shanghai. Based on the scale, date, locations and staffing of the conference, we provide the right vehicles and routes to meet transport needs of the customer in a professional manner.

Limousine rental

We provide all kinds of limousine for rental, including Lincoln Stretch limo, Hammer stretch, Bentley, Mercedes S class etc.

Wedding Transport

We have all varieties of vehicles for wedding ceremony use. It ranges from Audi A6L to super sports car like Ferrari 458.

Shuttle Service

We provide shuttle service for schools and businesses.

Long-Term Leasing

Long-Term Leasing

We provide vehicles for leasing on monthly, quarterly, half-year or yearly basis at different preferential price. We would provide remarkably skilled drivers for a safe and comfortable journey. We provide butler service which covers all the service fees which may incur during your rental period, including repair, maintenance, insurance and annual check. We could also purchase vehicles to satiate your special requirements.

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